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About  Us

We are a small software development team

Long story short

Magicnet is a small software company shop based in Argentina. We deliver a wide rage of software services including application development, website design and development, custom software development, and marketing online.

We combine more than a decade of experience with professional experts across different technology platforms to deliver superior IT based solutions.

We are currently successfully working from our office in Argentina for recurring Canada based clients. Due to the Argentine Peso-CAD Dollar value exchange, we have the privilege to offer competitive service rates.

Software outsource in Argentina

In recent years, Argentina has presented an important and sustained development of the software industry and computer services. The sector has taken up the challenge of responding to the growing demand for products and services of the information age and the knowledge economy, defining an exportable supply that allows it to be inserted in a highly productive way in the global market.

At present, national IT production, like other competitive industries, is one of the sectors of the economy that shows a greater level of dynamism and, therefore, is considered by the government as an actor of strategic importance for the development of Country as a whole.

You have the opportunity to hire a proficient software team at a much lower cost than a local Junior Developer.

We are not across the ocean and we share the same hemisphere. The Time zone here is UTC/GMT-3 hours, so we are always a couple of hours ahead of you and your deadlines. You can reach us at all times via Email, Skype, Whatsapp, SMS or any other platform, like anyone close to you.


Highly qualified human resources.

Competitive costs and prices.

We work as hard as you do.

Easy and affordable for local business owners.

We work on UTC-3 timezone (3hs ahead)

Our Team

Magicnet is a globally distributed development team, with a tight knit group of passionate developers, designers and QA professionals.

We’ve been around enough to know that your company can’t be shoehorned into a solution. We focus on communication and iteration to chip away at the root of the problem. Once we identify the problem, we fix it by applying a solution – not selling one.

Inés Llambías
Owner / Project Manager

Ines is the visible face behind the work we provide for our customers.
She leads product development and overall strategy.